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It was all about money for me too this month.


Met your deductibles? Plan your year-end medical, dental, and vision routine and elective care.

The most obvious strategy is not always the best strategy when it comes to saving money!

Here is My 80 List, couldn’t come up with 100 things I wanted to do, 80 seemed just right. And my LIFE LAYOUT.

Or maybe you want to create your LIFE LAYOUT as a mindmap with the various aspects of your life branching outward.

Time to create your LIFE LAYOUT. It’s easier than you might imagine. And I have some suggestions for you!

Time to begin filling in your chart with all of the actions you would like to complete in your remaining lifetime. As you do so, ensure life balance and validate the values you listed by aligning your actions with the value to which it relates. Use your responses to the three critical questions to jumpstart your list.