What Could You Possibly Be Thinking?!!  How ordinary people answered your questions about love, dating, and relationships, available on Amazon.com and selected retail locations in Austin, TX and Asheville, NC.

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I asked. They answered. Now you can join the fun! You’ll love reading opinions from ordinary guys and gals on your most urgent relationship questions. These no-holds-barred opinions are funny, insightful, and most important, real.  Plus they’re presented in a “can’t put it down” format.

And check out the pages in the back where you can test out what each of you really thinks.

People love this book.

Kat, your book is hilarious and insightful at the same time. John

This book is awesome! I bought this for my girlfriend based on a co-worker recommendation, but ended up buying another copy for myself after I flipped through it the first time. The chapters are hilarious and feature real quotes from normal people about hilarious topics. Some of the chapters include things like: “When to call after the ‘first time'”, “Living together: Is someone stalling?”, and finally “if a woman asks, what does it mean?”

I was dying laughing, and I purposefully leave this book out on my table so that my friends start flipping through it. We end up spending hours joking around with each other about our girlfriends…then when the girlfriends come over we let them read it so that we can go off and watch sports while they make fun of us for a couple of hours.

Bottom line:  You will get your money’s worth with this book. Kudos to the author. Todd

…the dating world is something everyone has done/gone through at some time. Unfortunately, it’s not as much fun as it sounds like it is. Susan

Reviews on Amazon

Relationship advice, a way to rustle up a rousing battle of the sexes, and a sweet quiz to learn what’s on your special person’s mind, what’s not to love?

P.S.  Singles of any age who find the “dating game” challenging will find answers here.  But one couple we know who has been married for years spent “date night” on the living room couch laughing and debating over this book …

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