For newbies

This blog is a guidebook for anyone who is intrigued by the idea of re-inventing themselves.  You can start at any point. Really.

If you missed creating your LIFE LAYOUT and want to do so, simply check out the Archives and work through July -October 2009.   Contact Kat Bourgeois, the blog creator, if you have any problems getting started either below in comments or directly at

You, actually we together, are going to plan your life.  Then you are going to spend the succeeding weeks creating that life.  It’s ambitious, but worth it.  And it’s going to be easy and fun.  I will guide you every week for a year.  And you will be able to contact me personally if you need extra help.

No one thinks they can truly plan out their life.  But I’ve helped hundreds of people do it.  And changed their lives for the better.  You’ll need to invest some time, thoughtfulness, and energy.  How much?  Minimal, moderate, or heavy, your call.  No one is going to judge you.  After all, it’s your life.

Of course, if Jimmy and Susie are out there loving life and you’re still watching Law and Order re-re-re-re-runs, don’t blame me.

The difference between what you and I will be doing and how I worked with people before is we’ll be doing it online.  That’s OK.  Actually, that’s good.  Being virtual, we are not limited to four days in a hotel conference room.  We can aim for something far more ambitious.  We can access resources far more easily.

I’ll need to keep it engaging and I commit to doing so.  You’ll need to stay connected and let me know if you stumble, lose momentum, or get unfocused.

After a few weeks of thought-provoking activities, including writing the story of your life in 30 minutes, you’ll create your LIFE LAYOUT, your vision of your future.  Every few weeks, we’ll focus on a new aspect of your life:  your career, relationships, home, health, etc. with lots of suggestions and resources to help you realize the future you have imagined for yourself.

Hey, it’s all about you.  Is there any subject more fascinating?

P.S.  Thinking maybe you will want to move ahead of the group, need to catch up, drop in and out, or just want to repeat a previous activity?  I’ll make it easy for you to do so.

BTW, I “re-invented” myself last year with resounding success.  I lost 120 pounds, wrote a popular new book, found romance after a decade without a real date, and, well you’ll hear all about it, I promise…

Please leave a comment.  I have nightmares about talking to myself.

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