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This blog is a guidebook for anyone who is intrigued by the idea of re-inventing themselves.  You can start at any point.  If you would like, however, to begin by creating a Life Layout, simply check out the Archives and work through July and August 2009.   Contact Kat Bourgeois, the blog creator, if you have any problems getting started.

Kat Bourgeois is fascinated by the way we interact with each other.  She’s also convinced we all have the power to enhance our present and re-invent our future.  And she has helped hundreds of people create the career of their dreams and build relationships that enrich their lives.  A popular speaker, she’s been published in magazines, online newsletters, newspaper articles, a weekly newspaper column, blogs, and is the author of a hot new book.

Currently?  She’s working on a novel on growing up in the South (but don’t hold your breath, it took a long time to live it, it’s taking longer to write it!), a murder mystery based in her beloved Crystal Beach, TX, and a blog that is a comprehensive week-by week guide to “Re-Do You”.

In these tough times, she also helps individuals find jobs, and small businesses market their products and services.  Additionally, Kat has the privilege of working as a performance consultant for a large association with a compelling mission.

Intrigued by the idea of re-inventing yourself?  Need help marketing yourself or your business?  Or just want to weigh in on her latest nosy question [which of course she has no business asking]?  Check out her blog at https://katquest.wordpress.com.

Love haiku or don’t know what the heck that is?  Read her haiku at Twitter: katkatquest.

Need some advice on your love life, itching for a fight with your significant other, or have a few minutes for a fun read?

Buy her book,  What Could You Possibly Be Thinking?!! How ordinary people answered your questions about love, dating, and relationships, at Amazon.com

Or just want to chat about the crazy things that people do? She’d love to hear from you at http://www.katquest.com.


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