Tip # 11 on Saving, Spending, and Savoring Money


Step away from the books…

I cannot resist the lure of a new book from one of my favorite authors.  My nasty little habit of buying new books in hardcover – oh, the horror, the extravagance! – is one of which I am not proud.  I do, however, have some strategies for negating its more onerous aspects.  I recommend them to all of you who share in my shame.

  • At least wait until your book is on the bestseller list and buy it at a deeper discount from some bookstores.
  • Get a bookstore discount card.  If you are an unrepentant “way too many books” buyer, you don’t even have to do the math.
  • Frequent your local “non-chain” bookseller and put tax dollars back into your own community.
  • If you are an Amazon Prime member, opt for the two day free shipping.
  • Some of your favorites will go into your library.  But if a book is not ones your kids will want to inherit, read rapidly and flip even faster:

– Sell it to the local “half-price” book store while it’s still a hot item.

– Exchange it for another book at an online “book swap” site such as swaptree or BookMooch

– Trade with fellow readers you meet on sites for booklovers like Shelfari and GoodReads

– Join a Meetup of fellow booklovers for a more satisfying book-swapping experience.

– Donate the book to the library and take a tax deduction.

By putting your book back in circulation, you’ve not only saved yourself some money, you’ve reduced your carbon footprint.   Who said it’s not easy being green?

P.S.  Really want to clear the karmic slate?  Check out Bookcrossing.  It’s super cool!

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