Tip # 10 on Saving, Spending, and Savoring Money


Free shipping, friend or foe?

Always, always, compare your buying options if you are considering buying online.  Sometimes the shipping costs negate the savings on the item itself.  Sometimes not.

Note:  I’m a devoted fan of Amazon Prime.  Sure it costs $15 a year.  But, under your own membership, you can add, at no additional cost, up to four family members.  Since I have four kids who are now getting free shipping, and I buy everything from books and music to unusual grocery items from Amazon, I’m getting a lot for my $15.   And it opens up a whole new world of shopping for large items because I don’t have to worry about shipping a heavy object.

Having said that, I always compare “buying through Amazon Prime with no shipping costs” vs. “other Amazon buy options with shipping costs” (like new, used, etc.).   It can go either way.

And because I like the whole “one click” thing, I love it when I can be lazy and save money at the same time.

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