Tip # 9 on Saving, Spending, and Savoring Money


Five times when smaller is bigger and better…

1.   When it costs less.  Yes, believe it or not, and more often than you think, the smaller size is cheaper per unit. Stay vigilant!  This is no time to slack off in reading those eye-straining little unit labels on the grocery shelf.

2.   When it will go bad before you have a chance to use it.  I don’t have to go into details here.  Your nose knows.

3.  When storage is an issue.

For decades I wished I had a “Sam’s Club room”.  I dreamed of a space that would enable me to buy those giant money-saving size boxes and store them all in sight, lined up like well-disciplined soldiers on the shelf in silent testament to my bargain-hunting prowess.  (Obviously I was oblivious to 1. above.)  One day I looked around and realized I now had the perfect little room for it.  For a moment it was thrilling.  But just a moment.   The reality?  My kids are grown and scattered across the U.S.  Sadly, I no longer need the giant size of Honey Nut Cheerios.

Duh… that’s why I now have the room.

4.  Portability sometimes calls for smaller sizes.  Like low-calorie salad dressings for instance.  Yes, I’m embarrassed to say that more than once I smuggled into a restaurant a bottle, yes a bottle, of my favorite low-calorie salad dressing.  But inevitably I would forget the bottle in my purse and end up throwing a whole bottle of dressing away.  My salad tasted great and was healthy to boot.  But frankly?  The whole operation, though well-intentioned, was a weird combo of tacky and extravagant.

Then I discovered Minimus, lovely little packages of lite mayonnaise, salad dressings, precious little bottles of ketchup and honey, adorable little travel sizes of everything imaginable.  I admit that I have never calculated the per-unit cost of my miniatures.  But when you are throwing away a whole bottle of something, do you have to?  And now that you have to pay for extra luggage?  Well.  I rest my case.

5.  When you’ll eat more of it than you should.  Just because the bag is bigger.

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One Response to “Tip # 9 on Saving, Spending, and Savoring Money”

  1. When you think about items that “go bad” before you get a chance to use them, don’t forget pharmacy items like vitamins, cough medicine, Tylenol, etc. I’ve wasted money on giant bottles of Advil, forgetting there were only two people in the house. Most of these drugs just lose potency, but some can actually become toxic. Check those expiration dates!

    Ginger B.

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