Tip # 6 on Saving, Spending, and Savoring Money


The Ten Question Test

When you are planning to buy a major item (whatever that means to you and your wallet) ask yourself these ten questions:

1.   Will I still need this item two years from now?

2.   Could I borrow it for occasional use?

3.   Could I rent it for less money?

4.   Can I buy it used?

5.   Can I buy it at a discount? (coupon, online, membership, discount stores)

6.   If I wait patiently, is it likely to go on sale?

7.   Can I find it on ebay?

8.    If I’m unsure about its value to me, is there a way to try it out?

9.   Do I have a special occasion coming up for which someone would buy it for me?

10. Could I exchange an item I no longer need for this item?

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