November is Money Month!


We’ve been dreaming and scheming long enough.  It’s time we put our money where our mouths are.

Thank goodness November is all about money.  We’ll start with the big picture and some backwards planning (See Ben Franklin Plan).

What is it going to take, financially speaking, to achieve your goal?

How much time do you have to save for your goal?  What does that mean per month, per year?

As the month progresses, we’ll look at ways to save money on big items and the small.  It all adds up.  Or doesn’t.

Create a Timeline for each Goal

1.  Draw a horizontal line across a piece of paper.  If you are doing this on a computer, you may want to use the landscape layout from Page Setup to create more horizontal width.

2.  Imagining that the line represents the time from today to the date you need to reach your goal, add much shorter vertical lines along the horizontal line to represent time periods.

3.  Below the horizontal line write the dates.  For example, you may have a total time period of eighteen months to reach one of your goals.  You may want to put a vertical line representing every three months.

4.  Above the horizontal line write the steps or tasks that need to be accomplished.

5.  Add tasks or major milestones.

Here’s an example:


Now you have a visual of the path to your goal.  If you need to save money to achieve your goal, you’ll see the time periods over which you’ll be saving.  The total amount of money needed divided by the time periods you have to save money will determine your savings plan.  And that’s a good start!

Now that you’ve put pencil to paper, things not looking so peachy?  That’s OK, we’ve got a plan for that too.  Each day this month, I’ll post a tip to help you succeed.

In fact, I’d love to feature your tip.  How do you create extra money, save it, spend it wisely, or savor it?   Just send your to along with whatever info you want visible about you.

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One Response to “November is Money Month!”

  1. Hi, Kat. I’m a huge proponent of re-doing your life if it isn’t working for you. My husband and I are doing just that, and after a lot of planning, saving, and simplifying we are 333 days away from hitting the road with our backpacks to travel around the world…for 3 years!

    It took a while to get to the point of even entertaining such an idea, and a little bit longer to save up the money and get rid of all of our stuff, but it has been totally worth it.

    My advice to your readers: Don’t focus on the big goal at the end as much as the smaller goals along the way. Every step forward you take now makes those later steps possible…and even some steps you can’t even imagine today!

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