My “80” List and LIFE LAYOUT


My LIFE LAYOUT is focused on my future retirement or second career as a full-time writer.

Here is “My 80 List” (just couldn’t think of 100 things I wanted to do, 80 seemed just right!):

My 80 list

And here is my LIFE LAYOUT (as you can see I used the mind map format):


Tomorrow we begin the journey to create the life we each have planned.   First things first:  let’s make sure we can finance our ambitious dreams.  The month of November we’ll focus on “Re-direct your finances”.

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2 Responses to “My “80” List and LIFE LAYOUT”

  1. Kat, I love your blog! I feel motivated already. This is such an energizing place you have here!

    • Bridgit, I’m so glad you enjoyed the site! Would love to hear what you envision for you, little marshmallow and his dad. I’m adding a link on the home page under re-charge your family life to your site. I know my readers who have little ones will love it.


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