# 17: Two Final Suggestions for Creating Your LIFE LAYOUT


This weekend may be an ideal time for you to create your LIFE LAYOUT.  Just in case you’re ready to begin, here are two more suggestions for its format.

The Four Part Picture is a simple way to illustrate your journey from today to tomorrow square by square.

Four Part Picture The Four Part Picture

You can complete each square by drawing free-hand or by pasting pictures.  In fact, you can even change what goes into each square.  Or even add as many squares as you like or that you need to illustrate your path from here to there.

Speaking of paths, a final suggestion for your consideration is to use a RoadMap format for your LIFE LAYOUT.  Maybe a path with roadsigns and billboards along the way?  Something like this..


The RoadMap

You’ve seen several suggestions for portraying your LIFE LAYOUT.  But you don’t have to do anything fancy.  Just do what feels right for you!

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