# 15: What’s Coming Up?


My goal is that you have a number of suggestions for creating your LIFE LAYOUT before the weekend so you can wrap it up.  Why am I so excited to get past this milestone?

Over the coming weeks we will begin to re-invent your life one aspect at a time.  We will:

  • Re-build your health and fitness
  • Re-charge your family life
  • Re-create your network
  • Re-direct your finances
  • Re-discover your creativity
  • Re-examine your inner life
  • Re-focus your heart
  • Re-fresh your look
  • Re-purpose your nest
  • Re-work your work

We can start anywhere.  What would you like to do?

Would you like to begin with your inner life because it drives everything else?

Or… maybe your heart rules the roost and we should start there?

But, with the economy having gone to “you-know-where” in a hand basket, is it time to focus on your finances?

Let me know.  Next week, we’re off and running!

To tell me where you would like to begin, simply click on “Leave a comment” in red just below this post.

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