# 14: Use a Collage for Your LIFE LAYOUT


There are so many ways you can represent your vision of the future.  For instance, you might create a collage, an assemblage of different visual elements which, when viewed together, form a cohesive story of your life.

These elements can be as simple as cut-out magazine pictures glued onto a cardboard or poster board backing.

Or as complex and tactile as an arrangement of found objects – buttons, song lyrics, quotes, pressed flowers or leaves, ribbons, scraps of fabric, colored tissue paper, or newspaper, anything that isn’t too heavy to attach –  mounted on a rigid backdrop.

It can include your own drawings, photographs or printed stock photos, postcards, note cards, or letters.

Or a mix of all of these.

For example, you may want to form a collage representing a series of locations or houses in which you plan to live, the family you plan to have, or the college or career toward which you are working.  Travel in your future?  Include pics of Greece or Peru, or your luggage by the door.  Include visuals that represent items from your “100 List” and what  your friends, dress, pets, spouse, job, and your activities will look like in the future.

Paste a picture of your face into different future scenarios – you on Broadway, you lazing in a hammock on the beach, you a judge on the bench.

Your collage should flow so that the viewer (even if the sole viewer is you!) can grasp how the story will progress.   Build connections between elements with string, wire, or other interesting materials.

And it must, with one glance, inspire and inform you.

If you refuse to limit the vision of your future to a single dimension, by all means consider the collage!

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