The Ben Franklin Plan: The Bigger Yes

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In honor of Ben Franklin who focused on one virtue a month each year (plus humility, which he worked on all year round on the advice of a detractor), I’m working on one life principle each week from Sunday to Saturday. Will you join me?

This week’s life principle is one touted by Stephen R. Covey and is all about aiming high.  It’s the exact opposite of “phoning it in”.

I’ll give you an example.  Let’s say you’ve been meaning to start an exercise program and, surprise, surprise, you’re struggling to motivate yourself to “Just do it!”  Then you realize that in three months there is a half marathon in a nearby city and, if you started now, you figure you could walk 13.1 miles.  Sure, that’s not so bad, especially if you just add a mile a week to your walking schedule.  Now that’s a bigger yes, exercise and an athletic pursuit on top of it.

But wait!  You could really take it up a notch if you walked on behalf of a charitable organization, like the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, for instance.  You’re exercising, you’re acting like an athlete, and you’re doing good for those who are ill.  That’s a lot more motivating than dragging your self to the gym.  And that’s a BIGGER YES!

Make it more than it is.  It’s that simple.

Week 3:  Challenge yourself to go for the BIGGER YES in every thing you do every day.

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