# 10: Seventh of 15 Steps to Your LIFE LAYOUT


The possibilities for your “100 List”  are endless.  Unfortunately your time on this earth is not.

Before you can fully populate your “100 List” and create your LIFE LAYOUT, you must estimate your remaining lifetime.

Yes, you read this correctly.  It will be a guess, of course.  But an educated guess.  You’re going to calculate your current “real age” based on your health and lifestyle.  Then, by subtracting your “real age” from current life expectancy rates, you’ll estimate the time for which you need to plan.


Step 1.  Go to realage.com and take the test.  And, for heaven’s sake, be honest!

Step 2.  If you are a guy, subtract your “real age” from 75 years to arrive at an estimate of how many years to plan in your LIFE LAYOUT.

Step 3.  If you are a woman, subtract your “real age” from 80 years to arrive at an estimate of how many years to plan in your LIFE LAYOUT.

I understand that this difference in life expectancy may seem unfair to the guys, but most of the women I know feel never having to wear panty hose balances it all out.

Step 4.  For example, a woman whose “real age” is 38 years old has 42 years to plan because 80 – 38 = 42 .

Isn’t this fun?  Let’s keep going.  If we multiply our friend’s 42 estimated remaining years by 360 days per year, she has 15,000 days to plan (we’re rounding now; obviously, this is not the time to deal in precise numbers).

Here’s where it gets tricky, though.  If you figure that half of those days are spent sleeping, eating, and routine grooming, our friend has only 7,500 days to plan.  And for the truly obsessive among us, yes, that does equal 180,000 hours.  More or less.

Hmm…  180,000 hours.  And to think, some people are just letting those hours drift by with no plan at all.  I’m so proud that’s not you!

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