# 8: Fifth of 15 Steps to Your LIFE LAYOUT


Time to go back to the chart you started earlier, the one you headed up with your 12 values.

Your chart should look something like this (with five more columns to the right and six more rows below):



Health and





Inner Peace

Fin Security

Share funny story daily Visit each child each quarter Strength training at least  2X week Write haiku at least 2X week Re-

frame negative


Stay in integrity w/all and me Pay off debt by 2012
Be a positive force for myself and others Call/visit my brothers and sisters at least 2X year Eat high protein, whole grain and fruit diet Do weekly mindmap Express love for  family and friends in words and actions Learn to meditate Review and re-evaluate exp monthly

Some of you have already figured out that your chart, when complete, will comprise a list of the actions you want to take in your remaining lifetime.  A recent movie called it a “bucket list”; most just call it “My 100 List”.  Some who made a serious dent in their list have requested that it be read as part of their funeral eulogy!

Our list is similar to the ones most people create.  But we’re adding several layers of thought into ours.  For instance, you’ll be taking the extra step of categorizing each action underneath the value to which it relates.  Doing so helps you keep your list balanced.  But also it helps to validate that you have listed your most important twelve values.  After all, if the actions you plan to take in your remaining lifetime don’t seem to fit under the values you’ve listed on your chart, then either the actions or the values need to be re-thought.    Either change is fine.  You’re just getter clearer about who you are and what you want.

You’ll have plenty of time later to list “Swim naked in the Amazon River”, but why not begin populating your chart using your responses to the three questions posed in the last post?

What are you on this earth to accomplish (your life mission)?

You’re thought through your mission.  What actions should you include on your chart to ensure that you fulfill your mission?

Ex.  If your mission is to serve as a model for those who want to better their lives, then you might add to your chart an action to connect up with a person or group working with people wanting to improve their situation.

What are you on this earth to learn?

You’ve thought through what you need to learn.  What actions should you include on your chart to ensure that you learn what you need to learn?

Ex.  Take classes at the local community college in _____?  Complete an apprenticeship in _____?  Buy a book to study _____? Join Toastmasters? Research and map my family’s genealogy?

What are you on this earth to teach?

You’ve thought through what you need to teach others.  What actions should you include on your chart to ensure that you teach others what you need to teach them?

Ex. Teach the kids to understand basic Spanish?  Teach the neighbors how to grow a community garden?  Teach co-workers how to effectively use social media?

In a future post you’ll learn how to estimate your remaining lifetime in order to do a final check on your list.  Yes, it can be done, and frighteningly accurate.  But for now go crazy, don’t be afraid to re-think what you truly value, and, above all, create a list that is your idea of your future, not anyone else’s!

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