# 6: Third of 15 Steps to Your LIFE LAYOUT


Let’s see how serious you are about those twelve values you selected as yours.  Nothing like a good chart to pull it all together!

A.  Begin by creating a table with 12 columns and 13 rows.

B.  In Row 1: list the 12 values you selected.  We’ll be completing the rest of the rows over the next few days.

C.  In Row 2:  list one action you could take that would be in aligning with living out that value.

D.  In Row 3: repeat, with a different action that would be in alignment with living your values.

Don’t worry, we’ll be filling in the rest of those rows!

Note: Haven’t selected your 12 values yet?  Our new poll below will make quick work of that task.

Here’s an example:



Health and





Inner Peace

Fin Security

Share funny story daily

Visit each child each quarter

Strength training at least  2X week

Write haiku at least 2X week


frame negative


Stay in integrity w/all and me

Pay off debt by 2012

Be a positive force for myself and others

Call/visit my brothers and sisters at least 2X year

Eat high protein, whole grain and fruit diet

Do weekly mindmap

Express love for  family and friends in words and actions

Learn to meditate

Review and re-evaluate exp monthly

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