# 4: First of 15 Steps to Creating Your Life Layout


There are 15 steps to creating an incredible and authentic LIFE LAYOUT, which is an illustrated version of your “re-invented” future.  None of the steps are difficult, but they will require some thought and willingness to dig deep.  Thank goodness you did some research already.  (You did, right?) It will be helpful.

Step One is quite simple.  But before we go any further let’s get organized.   I would suggest one of these options.

For the obsessive-compulsive:

Into a really cool three ring binder that coordinates with your home office area or living room, place two sets of eight tabbed dividers (16 total).  Label the first tab LIFE LAYOUT.  In between the tabbed dividers, insert three to four clear pocket sleeves.  Using  a three hole punch, assemble, in the first section, the information you’ve compiled from your research about yourself, your assessment results, feedback from others.   Use the clear pocket sleeves as needed.  No, you do not need to alphabetize anything, but it’s OK to give in if you feel the urge.

For the merely well-organized:

Use one of those accordion files that are divided into twelve or so pockets.  The ones that have the flap over the top that snaps shut are nice and they’re portable.  Label the first tab LIFE LAYOUT.  Place inside the first pocket the information you’ve gathered, i.e. your assessment results, feedback from others, etc.

For the rest of us:

Grab that box in the corner you’ve been meaning to throw out and toss in it the stuff you’ve gathered so far.  Write RE-Do Me! Not Trash on the sides with a marker or one of the kid’s crayons.

Step One:

Using the information about yourself that you’ve gathered so far, craft one sentence that describes your Success Formula.  Your Success Formula is the reason you have achieved what you have so far in life.   Ex:  My Success Formula is my ability to quickly and creatively solve problems.

It’s short, but it’s sweet.

I’ll be posting tips related to each step on Twitter.  To access them, 1) register on Twitter.com and then 2) go to http://twitter.com/katkatquest and click on follow .  If you 3) download the free software at http://tweetdeck.com, you’ll be able to easily see the daily tweets.

We’ll be moving fast over the next few weeks. Don’t miss a beat!

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