#2: How to Use this Site


You, actually we together, are going to plan your life. Then you are going to spend the succeeding weeks creating that life. It’s ambitious but worth it! And it’s going to be easy and fun. I will guide you, every day, every week, for a year. And you will be able to contact me personally if you need extra help.

I’ve helped hundreds of people do it, many of whom thought it would be impossible. And they have changed their lives for the better.

You’ll need to invest some time, thoughtfulness, and energy. How much? Minimal, moderate, or heavy, your call. No one is going to judge you. After all, it’s your life.

Of course, if Jimmy and Susie are out there loving life and you’re still watching Law and Order re-re-re-runs, don’t blame me.

After a couple of weeks of thought-provoking activities, including writing the story of your life in 30 minutes, you’ll create your LIFE LAYOUT, your vision of your future.

Then, every few weeks, we’ll focus on a new aspect of your life.  We’ll:

  • Re-Work Your Work
  • Re-Charge Your Family Life
  • Re-Purpose Your Nest
  • Re-Fresh Your Look
  • Re-Build Your Health and Fitness
  • Re-Examine Your Inner Life
  • Re-Engage Your Heart
  • Re-Direct Your Finances
  • Re-Discover Your Creativity
  • Re-Create Your Network

I’ll do all the research so you will have all the resources you need at your fingertips.

Hey, it’s all about you. Is there any subject more fascinating?

P.S. Thinking maybe you will want to move ahead of the group, need to catch up, drop in and out, or just want to repeat a previous activity?  Watch for an easy way for you to do so coming soon.

BTW, I “re-invented” myself last year with resounding success. I lost 120 pounds, wrote a popular new book, found romance after a decade without a real date, and, well you’ll hear all about it, I promise…

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3 Responses to “#2: How to Use this Site”

  1. 1 Courtney

    Now I want to re-do my life! You make the process sound fun; actually, of course it would be–it’s about making things better. When I finish this script, I’m going to go back to your early posts and start at the beginning (of the process). xo, Courtney

  2. Fabulous – looking forward to it. You’ve found me at the perfect time! I have just finished reviewing what has been working and what hasn’t been working for me. I am now taking steps to eliminate the things that need to go, and move forward with what is, along with my creative vision for the upcoming year 09/10.

  3. Welcome Courtney and Gaynor! I’ve been holding back on posting for us to build up our group, but with all the recent activity, we’ll be moving full speed ahead in the next couple of weeks. Hope you are taking this time to gather everything you can about who you are now!


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