#1: Re-invent Your Future


Time is moving forward.  Are you?

Have you recently gained or lost something or someone, done or didn’t do something a bit scary, or reached a point in your life where you want to do something differently or just be someone other than you are now?

It’s time.  It’s time to do it.  Some of us aren’t sure what “it” even is.  But we are sure it’s time.

Maybe you have:

  • Gone off to college or (OMG!) come back home
  • Received a windfall or suffered a setback
  • Made a move or want to make a move in your career, your financial picture, your location
  • Recovered from or realized you are ready to recover from an addiction
  • Committed to marry or divorce or gotten married or divorced
  • Reached a milestone birthday (21, 30,40,50,60 or 65, heck after 40, any birthday is a milestone!)
  • Run or walked your first race/marathon
  • Started a new business

Or maybe nothing at all has just happened.  And that’s the problem.  Nothing at all has happened for way too long and way too often.

Or maybe everything is just fine.  And “just fine” was okay yesterday, but won’t cut it tomorrow.  This doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with you.  No way.  But it does mean that you can take it all up a notch.  And why wouldn’t you?

Bottom line:  Have I got a plan for you?  Absolutely.

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4 Responses to “#1: Re-invent Your Future”

  1. 1 Travis

    This looks cool. Look forward to following the blog.

  2. Hi Kat, we connected on linkedin and I checked on this link, it is good reading and those necessary things that people need to make a better life for themselves.


  3. Welcome Travis and Barbara! Let’s stay connected, lots of fun coming up in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, be sure to gather all you can about yourself now because we are going to use what you learn to re-design your life.


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